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In my son’s Junior year of high school I searched for answers to help him. At the time, my teenager was struggling at school--having difficulty concentrating, completing assignments and was moody and distant. Calls from his teacher sent this mother into panic mode. Our relationship was strained. I struggled as a mom seeing him suffer. We argued often and I worried a lot. I took him to a psychologist who diagnosed him with signs of ADHD and depression. I searched and prayed for something to help my son. In November, a Groupon offer for Brain Fitness Hawaii caught my eye. At first I was skeptical and did some internet research. I was wary and desperate and decided to give it a try.

My prayers were answered when Dr. Hana came into our lives. My son’s initial brain map showed brain damage, signs of ADHD and imbalance. After his initial therapy I could see an immediate difference. We were able to talk to each other and have engaging conversations.

Dr. Hana began to heal our relationship. At school he was able to concentrate and complete assignments. Dr, Hana called and emailed and followed through with loving individual attention. We continue with sessions when there are school breaks.

8 months later my son is now a Senior in high school. He got a 4.0 in the last quarter of school and even got a 5 (highest rating) on his English AP exam. He continues to do well at school. I do not worry about his assignments anymore as he has proven very responsible. He is even taking a college level course! I am now confident that when he goes off to college he will be fine. We will definitely continue sessions with Dr. Hana as she has transformed us--she has brought peace and love back into our lives!

7/7/2012 - Learning Disability, Trauma, Weight and Self-Confidence

I literally feel like I have my life back on track-- it took some work and repeated sessions though.

I had been dealing with issues at work and school and so decided to give Dr. Hana a try (a Groupon had alerted me to Brain Fitness Hawaii). In order to feel confident about the therapy, I went as far as to search and read third-party research on Brain Fitness Training and it seemed legit as it had helped PTSD folks.

My first session I was nervous but Dr. Hana was very kind and helped me feel comfortable in my orientation. I'll be honest to say that I didn't really feel a difference in my first run. I learned later that a typical treatment takes about 10 sessions to make a change (but for some people the work can be faster).

It was pretty remarkable, I was able to regain an ability to focus and ability to work after having been pretty locked-up and depressed about school and work. I had previously tried different supplements, diets, even ADD meds (I didn't like what they did to my body and I didn't like the side effects) and this was something that worked for me.

I ended up getting results and I wanted to go through more with Dr. Hana! So, something even more important happened when I went back a for a second series. I wanted to go for weight loss as I had always struggled with it.

What she was able to find in my brain wave profile was something that helped me realize that my constant weight wasn't all my fault: I likely had hypo-thyroid (where the system is depressed, your cravings fluctuate and you can't seem to lose weight).

Oh. That's why my mood fluctuated with different foods and also my energy. It was directly impacting the hormones in my body. If this were left untreated, I likely would develop inflammatory, heart problems and diabetes later in life. While it was not a diagnosis and she strongly encouraged me to seek a blood test with a physician, this work with Dr. Hana could have very well changed the course of my life -- of which I am grateful.

For the weight loss, Dr. Hana put me on a specific diet, hormone balancing supplements and brain training. Again, I didn't see results right away and got discouraged. I started to feel hopeful after I found out it wasn't my fault and currently I have been able to keep some weight off but am still struggling with my food habits sometimes. I guess unlearning a lifetime of habits and conditioning takes a little bit of work but I am seeing results, of which I am grateful.

I would recommend giving Brain Fitness Hawaii a real try (not just once but go through a series of sessions). If it can help military folks and it can help me, I am pretty sure it can help lots of people. Additionally, she will treat you holistically so there is a higher chance of seeing results. I didn't have any care outside of occasional chiropractic adjustments so I know that it was the work I did with Dr. Hana that made a difference.

11/22/11 - Passing Professional Licensing Exam

I read about Brain Fitness Hawaii and was immediately interested. I even called early in the morning to leave a message to find out more. A few minutes later Dr.Hana called me back and answered all of the questions I had. She was so professional and willing to share all of the information I sought. I couldn't wait to go to my first meeting the next Saturday. At this meeting (assessment) I decided to have the 5 day 2X a day intensive sessions. My right brain and my left brain were not balanced and this is something that needed to be addressed. I wanted to work on my cognitive functions (big exam coming up), by subconscious (fear and worry), and my sleep and basic function. Over the period of November 14th - 18th, 2011, I had 10 sessions and immediately felt more focused, had more energy, and had a calming effect take over. I was actually very sad when my last session came around. I was going to miss my daily talks and words of wisdom from Dr. Hana. She truly cares about the well-being of all of her clients. I feel as if she is an angel sent from heaven to help me. Thanks Dr. Hana. My final printout of my brain function showed that my brain functions were balanced and showed a big improvement in all of the areas we worked on during the training. I highly recommend going to Brain Fitness Hawaii to balance your life, increase focus, help control addictions, improve relationships, improve your memory, depression, and weight management. My boyfriend, and family could tell that I was calm and focused on what I needed to do. I can't say enough good words about Brain Fitness Hawaii, you need to try it for yourself...

Retired Veteran from Honolulu Hawaii - Suffer from mild depression, anxiety and PTSD

Thank you so very much Hana, I truly appreciate the time, love and dedication you have given me. I feel much more calm, balanced, at ease, and HAPPY. I wish you continued success in your business and your future, and I look forwar to our next set of sessions and where life takes me.

Assessment Before and After training on 11/27/2010 by Brain Fitness Hawaii

Scoring system:
1 to 10, one being the worst and 10 being the best result

Goals 1st Session 10st Session
Manage Anxiety 2 9
Improve Sleep 6 9
Balance Hormone 2 5
Anger Management 2 8
Weight Management 5 8
Reduce Head Injury Trauma Imprints 2 8
Sense of Happiness 4 9
Increase Physical Energy 1 10

Client suffers from Insomnia

Hana was extremely professional and thorough. She was very loving and helpful. I would highly recommend her and the whole process. I feel better than I have in years

Client suffers from Depression

I called Hana Yin after getting her name and number as a referral. I was traveling in Hawaii with my mother...and all the ghosts of past sorrows. I was only to be in Hawaii for nine days and so I knew it was a long shot to find someone to do some work with...but there I was in Paradise feeling like I was in Hell. I felt I needed a catapulting experience to propel myself out of the quagmire of my suffering.

Hearing Hana's voice for the first time, I was immediately struck by her caring and insight. After a 5 minute conversation, Hana was able to encapsulate all I had been trying in traditional therapy to address for the past several months. She just "got it." Hana was able to find time for me on the weekend and through several emails leading up to that weekend created a protocol for me using her very special blend of intuitive healing, Tao oriented wisdom and brain wave technology.

Here is what I can tell you about my experience. Hana is clear and clean. She has paid her own karmic debt and therefore does not have any unresolved business to project onto her clients. Hana taught me about forgiveness...the clearing and cleaning process of forgiveness. I learned through Hana that forgiveness is the doorway to compassion and compassion is the gateway to love and love is the natural state of the Tao...a perfect state of no-thingness. By extending, accepting, embracing and humbling yourself through forgiveness you can begin the next step in healing....restoring your brain to "factory settings"....free of past karmic debt, grievance, long held resentments, entitlements, anger... A return to wonder, to innocence, to love.

Hana helped me to clear the obstacles that held me down and limited my potential. I instantly trusted her. I recommend her to anyone ready to "clean house"....throw open the doors and windows and let the sun shine in.....

Thank you, Hana.
Eden Atwood

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