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Hana Yin   MA in Marriage Family Therapy is a Natural Therapy Board Certified Neuro-therapist and EEG Neurofeedback Supervisor.               

Having received advanced training  from neurofeedback prioneers such as Brain Master, New Mind Academy, Brain Paint, NeurOptimal and EEG Info Cygnet,  Hana uses Alpha Stim, Heart Math, Alpha Theta Deep State, Somato-Emotional Release techniques and Talk Therapy to support you to overcome your challenges in life.    

In the past, she was also challenged by anxiety, sleeplessness & Ambien addiction. She was trying to quit Ambien numerous time, but failed. Fortunately, she was introduced to brain fitness training and received a miraculous recovery in a very short period of time!

She was so impressed by the result and went on receiving formal neurofeedback trainings from field pioneers such as Dr. Sue Othmer, Dr. Bill Scott and Dr. Richard Soutar etc.  

For corporate executives, competitive athletes, golfers, dancers, the peak performance training program improves your reaction time and emotional calmness.       

If you are struggling with professional licensing test (SAT, GMAT, MCAT), ADD or memory problems, we can use non-invasive, all natural fitness model to fine tune your brain.

Is Brain Fitness training for you and your family

  • How to improve my child's academic performance with minimal undesirable behaviors
  • How to deepen my medition & Yoga practice
  • How to deal with life crisis - effective bereavement process, divorce, infringement trauma , life threatening illnesses, social isolation or abandonment
  • I want to date again, but scared of being hurt again; how can I trust my mate again?
  • Emotional battles dealing with aging and menopause issues
  • How to reduce my stress level and tension headache
  • How to have a quality and restful sleep
  • How to improve my athletes ability to gain my competitive edge
  • I want to play golf better after brain and heart coherence training
  • I am a drifter and my life has no purpose, why am I here for
  • Why am I so tired all the time, and I don't want to get out of the bed....
  • What happen to my memory - I lost my keys again, where did I park my car
  • I lost my job, I lost my confidence, I lost my libido, I lost my game....I am lost...
  • Life has lost its shine - there is no meaning for me to continue to live....

Athletes, Musicians, Writers and Spiritual Healers

  • Mental focus, clarity and concentration
  • Balance, Coordination and Dexterity
  • Improve Reaction Time & Physical Stamina (golfers, runners & Dancers)
  • Bring out the highest competitive edge in each athletes
  • Improve games and reach consistent performance
  • Creativity, remove of writer's block

Post Divorce/Post Pardum /Bereavement

  • Broken heart, bereavement and Grief
  • New Relationship jump start
  • Couple Compatibility test
  • How to pursue a meaniful intimate relationship
  • Emotional trauma release
  • Self identity and Self-Boundary
Family Dynamic Training
  • Prenatal care and pregnancy care
  • Child Attention and focus
  • Anger
  • Emotional trauma
  • Memory
  • Performance or Test Anxiety
  • Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • Social Anxiety
  • Self Confidence
  • Unemployment related emotional and mental stress
Corporate Executive Training
  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective organization skills
  • Personal Empowerment skills
  • Teamwork and Crisis management skills
  • HR Employee Assistant Programs

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