Learning Disability

J.M., Augusta, GA, Marriage, Love, Depression and ADD

The Power of BOSS system works at Brain Fitness Hawaii – Body Reconditioning by increasing energy reserve, Offering Love and Receiving Love is the Yin-Yang dance we learn in couple counseling. Self loving and acceptance are the KEY to overcome depression and fear, and finally Spiritual awareness of universal oneness is the foundation for true compassion, peace and serenity. At Brain Fitness Hawaii, we effectively offer Metaphysical Counseling assisted by the powerful tool of Brainwave Optimization. The result is to allow you to experience the meaning of an authentic and purposeful living. For in depth Metaphysical Counseling powered by Brainwave Optimization, please contact us.

The impact of BST on my life has been nothing short of miraculous. 19 years of sobriety in recovery has taught me there are rarely, if any, “quick fixes” when it comes to psychological improvement, but BST has proven that statement wrong. I spent years in counseling and had come a long, long, way on the path of healing, yet some core issues remained that just would not relent. Tendencies toward isolation and lack of true compassion kept me somewhat distant from others. I had been diagnosed years ago with mild clinical depression and ADD and these two albatrosses still hung around my neck to some degree. Medications had greatly reduced my symptoms, but they are not a cure, and the side effects put new and different strains on my personal relationships, especially my marriage.

All that changed after BST. I’m off the meds, I don’t have the desire to isolate and I feel true compassion for others. BST directly caused my ADD symptoms to recede (even before I stopped the meds) and it caused my depression symptoms to vanish. Greatest of all, my marriage and my relationship with my children have brought me an incredible new joy.

The final blessing is my wife has undergone BST as well. The combined effect of both of us realizing this change is more powerful THAN anything I could have imagined.

I.T., 83, Grandmother who suffer from Brain Aneurism, trained by Kelowna

“Several years ago I.T. had an aneurism which affected her ability to speak, read and write.  Still able to think, but unable to complete even simple sentences, I.T. found this new disability extremely frustrating.  Once also an avid reader, she now couldn’t read any more either.  As a result, she felt trapped inside her mind.  Both her mood and family relationships suffered considerably.

Through the course of one Brain Training series, I.T. has so far managed to have two full conversations–the first two conversations that she has managed to have in almost 3 years!  After brain training she was able to read again and her mood also improved significantly.  I.T. hopes to be able to follow up with more brain training soon…”

Young Boy, Concentration and Sleep Problem, Trained by Judith Carlon

I started training because my dad wanted me to. I have trouble concentrating in schools and finishing what I started. Also it is difficult for me to sleep the whole night through, I keep waking up worried and with fears. Now after a little over a month of training, I feel like I can concentrate better and now after I turn off the TV at night, I don’t wake up until the next morning. Like magic! The headaches I had are now gone and I feel more vitality during the day. I will keep training for me, not because my dad wants me to.

D.M. “My Son was handicapped” Mother’s Feeling of Guilt and exhaustion…. trained by Cherylee Lisonbee

“Talking about my son before Brainwave Optimization is actually quite difficult for me. It always takes me back to a very difficult and painful period in our life. I had a child who I could not reach no matter how much I loved him and tried to help him. Interacting with him always left me feeling inadequate as a mother and it hurt that my son was not capable of showing affection for me.

I had immense feelings of guilt thinking that somehow I might be the reason he was the way that he was. My heart was broken, but we persevered. We tried everything we could to help him and were having some small successes, but I saw a very dark future for my son. Living with the disabilities he had, must have been very confusing and frustrating and lonely. He would often react to new situations by completely withdrawing or if he was in a safe enough place exploding in tantrums that were becoming increasingly violent as he grew older. My son was handicapped but mental handicaps are unseen. I felt that I was the only one pushing his “mental wheel chair”. And I was exhausted.

You can only imagine how many people told us we could change our son by trying this medication or changing his diet or swinging him or hugging him tightly. We always tried the suggestions and hoped. But nothing cured him.

When we first discovered brainwave optimization, I thought it was another “voodoo” therapy. But, what impressed me the most about brainwave optimization is that we were able to see a visual and real depiction of the abnormalities in my son’s brain. I describe it as being able to see an x-ray of a broken bone. After his treatment the tests showed a marked and different brain. We saw it! Finally someone could give me tangible proof that their treatment worked.

We also saw drastic changes in my son’s abilities. After only the second day of treatment, I was driving home with my son in the backseat. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw something weird about him. I thought something was wrong and pulled over and really looked at him. I couldn’t place it for a few moments, but finally realized that my son was smiling. I had never really seen my son smile before. It was so rare that when I saw him doing it I thought something was wrong with him. I cried and called my husband. I wish I had a recording of that conversation.

We try not to look back and stare at the past, but I do want to attest to the fact that we have a very different child after brainwave optimization. I would even go so far as to say we found the cure for apraxia! The world of learning has opened up for him and he has made grade level jumps in every school subject. He has an amazing and endearing personality that we never saw before. Creative and colorful stories flow from him and he has an insatiable desire to build and explore. We cherish every day of cuddles and hugs and jokes and lightness that is our home now. We can’t wait to see what the future is going to bring!