Musicians and Artists and Dancer

If you are an artist, writer, graphic designer or Spiritual Healer and Yoga Practitioner, who wants to be more creative and focused, the Brain Fitness Hawaii has your best interest in mind.

Spiritual Awareness - Trained by Brain Fitness Hawaii

Hana is very professional and thorough. Her loving and caring services made me feel comfortable. I have not been feeling so good for many years, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking Brain fitness work.”

Bikram Yoga Practitioner at Lock Your Knee Honolulu Hawaii - Trained by Neural Neutral

One of my objectives is to reach my spiritual awareness and deepen my yoga and meditation practice. During my 8th session, my hands were shaking and I constantly told myself: “ I can love myself and I can love myself. I am so lovable……” My tears just could not stop running down my cheeks. After the session, I drove very slowly along the beach, and this was the first time I actually noticed the sign DA KINE on trash bin. Seems like everything around me is so quiet and everybody around me is slowing down…. I can actually see the blue sky in paradise!!! Now I realize that people passing by me are TRULY smiling at me….I felt loved……”

College student – By Brain Fitness Hawaii

“I honestly tell you that hypnosis is working on me, and my football game is getting so much better now, and I will come back soon!”

Body Re-conditioning and Spiritual Awareness - Trained by Brain State Tech Staff

I have an increase of non physical awareness and more energy. I have always felt I have spoken from a special awareness and now I am fully conscious of being that awareness all the time. I work with soft resonating lasers and I am seeing deeper shifts and awakenings in the people I work with as well as my being more fully open and present. I am so excited to be alive and do this work. Thank you for this tremendous gift.

Testimonial by Life Coach Trained by Greg & Thea Fandel

I believe in the Brain Fitness program so much that it is required to go through the Brain State program before I let long term coaching clients work with me. I feel that it gives them a solid foundation to start creating their lives from and it is a waste of their money to work with me without balancing their brains first.

By Attorney – Peace, Calm and Self Acceptance – Brained By Brain State

“The intensive has helped me in many ways… I have given up my addiction to adrenaline. Can you imagine not being late to every appointment, not speeding in rush hour traffic, and not guzzling six cups of coffee day? Today I am relaxed and in control of my time and my life.”

By Marketing Consultant- Regain Calm and Sense of peace- by Sue Shipman

Here is how the technology has helped me: gained a new sense of calm; substantially less stressed; increased energy; relief of pain from a serious fall; memory improvement; much better focus; broke my writers block and I believe there are many more improvements I haven’t even touched on.