Individual Brain Map Training


Hana, I know it is not a coincident that you went into this field due to your own childhood infringement and PTSD. I can feel your compassion and your tenderness. I have trust in you. You are walking the talking and I respect you!

Retired Veteran - “Now I can watch my thoughts and asked myself why I am thinking this way, then I found out there is a better way to think about it. When I realize that I have choices, I feel less depressed. Thank you, Hana!”

PTSD and Memory Loss

During the first 12 sessions the symptoms that I had been experiencing due to systemic trauma/PTSD were dramatically reduced.  My extreme night sweats were completely eliminated, allowing me to sleep through the night.  My anxiety attacks were greatly reduced and my energy level increased.  During this time I was able to step back emotionally and examine my trauma in a safer way.

The second 12 sessions I saw continued improvement in my trauma symptoms.  Some of the physical manifestations of the treatments included minor sweats, involuntary neck and head movement, tingling and numbness of my face, head, neck and tailbone.  These sensations were the releasing of the trauma energy.

A week after the completion of my treatment, I was experiencing a feeling of wellbeing.  I was excited, happy, energetic and had a clarity that I had not felt in a long time.  Another exiting bonus for me was the improvement of my short term memory.

Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

During my training I experienced relief from fear and have become more highly intuitive. Also, I have some learning disabilities and have opened up to addressing them.


If it was only the fact that I now sleep so soundly and wake up refreshed and ready for the day, that would be sufficient. However, every day I recognized and live a better life simply because I know that I can. – By Brain State Tech Staff