Brain Fitness's B.O.S.S training system employs cutting edge Brainwave Optimization Technology.

It has been clinically proven to be:



Save Time and Money - ten sessions in ten days.

Most neurofeedback training programs require minimum 40 hours to hundreds of sessions or more for the average person to experience results.

Using our propriotary BOSS brain fitness training system, accompanied with Brainwave Optimization technology, clients typically commit to 10 to 20 sessions in the space of eightweek period. Our clients often report positive results within four sessions.

Exellent Track Record and Testimonials

Using Brain State Technology's Brain Map System - the largest relational database on brain functioning available today, Brain Fitness Hawaii shares with you the research results founded on hard data and scientific evidence.

Experience It Yourself to truly understand how Brainwave Optimization works is to experience it yourself. We encourage you to do so. The only cost to you is $150 for an initial comprehensive brain map assessment.

A Brain Map Assessment is around $300 worldwide. Currently, we are running a B.O.S.S special for $150.00 (50%off ). We offer you the brain map assessment first without charge, if you are happy with our result, then you pay $150.00.

We are confident enough to share with you that our modality stands in opposition to a culture that too quickly prescribe pills to alter behavior.

Over and over, studies are revealing the inefficacy of the quick-pop pill, especially when it comes to addressing brain trauma and emotional trauma. Trauma is buried so deep in our brain's limbic system, and that takes years of talk therapy to get to the bottom of all trauma issues.

The B.O.S. S system strongly believes that brainwave disturbances are a result of underlying physical and emotional traumas. Trauma creates brain imbalances in our control center, which is the brain.

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Latest Clinical Trial shows:

A research study recently completed by Wake Forest Medical Center show positive results using our cutting edge Brainwave Optimization technology.

The study shocked researchers, because it shows that poor sleep, PTSD, Brain trauma, Past Pardum Blue or Hot flash of Menopause are not simply to be expected with age. Quite the opposite, it’s people in their peak years – especially the 30s or 40s, are having the most struggle with these issues.

Each design protocol and training session is based on real time balancing result. We fix the problem right now at this time and space, no delayed response or waiting till the next sessions that most other Neurotherapist were trained and taught to do.