Divorce Adjustment

Love can be good, and love can be bad. Someone comes to your life only for a season. When the season is over, out of no fault of yours, he (she) leaves without any explanation.

Love can be good, and love can be sad. Someone comes to your life only for a reason. The reason is very specific: it could be a need that you want to be satisfied. When that need is no longer there, you will leave.

Love can be good, and Love can be AWESOME. It takes tremendous effort to create lifelong love that is beyond physical form. It endures the challenge of time, aging, sickness and financial crisis. Love can be deliciously surrounding you always.

Would you like to find that LIFE LONG REASON? Brain Fitness Hawaii has an answer. We specialize Pre Marital Compatibility Brain Map Assessment and Post Divorce Adjustment Training

Grief and recovery, domestic abuse, contested divorce and custody battle have left a trail of brain trauma without due healing process; the statistics of 2nd failing marriage is very high. I highly encourage divorcing couples seeking brain fitness training to alleviate any traumatic imprints for the betterment of our loved ones and our children. – Anonymous


Recalibrates all of one's senses. This is healing from the inside, increasing one's internal awareness and projecting that same awareness and understanding externally. Thank you Dr Hanna!