Confidential help is available Military life can be rewarding and comes with many benefits that includes pride in service. However, at times, this lifestyle can bring with it undesirable effects on mental health due to deployments, austere training environments and even regular duty stressors. Military contingencies can lead to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in individuals and is a stress illness that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a traumatic event such as military combat, terrorist incidents, or serious accidents or stressful incidents. If you have gone through a traumatic experience, it is normal to feel a plethora of emotion such as distress, fear, helplessness, guilt, shame, or anger to name a few. Some of the symptoms include repeatedly thinking about the event, avoiding reminders of the trauma, experiencing physical symptoms (aches, pains, heart palpitations, shakiness, etc.), panic attacks, constantly alert or on guard, mood swings, being irritable, feeling depressed, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, relationship problems, losing trust in others. Confidential help is now available to help you take back your life and to free you of the burden that stress illnesses puts on you, your career and your life. Your chain of command is not notified when you seek therapy with us nor is your Primary Care Manager (PCM). Why DO MILITARY PERSONNEL PREFER Brainwave OptimizationĀ® Technology? Presentation on use of Brainwave OptimizationĀ® Technology for individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the International Brain Injury Association, San Francisco, March 21, 2014, Dr. Charles Tegeler, MD at Wake Forest School of Medicine indicates: " 21 individuals with a history of traumatic brain injury had a median of 16 brainwave optimization technology sessions over 13 days, and they reported statistically significant reductions in insomnia, PTSD and depression. Short term heart rate recordings showed increased heart rate variability. " This clinical finding is published in a 2014 issue of Brain Injury. The VA has seen a tenfold increase in PTSD cases in the last five years. According to VA, more than 37,000 Vets of Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from Mental health disorders, and more than 16,000 have already been diagnosed with PTSD. Brain Fitness Hawaii provides a CONFIDENTIAL, structured, personalized approach to help create positive life change and overcome symptoms of PTSD, such as depression, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and chemical/alcohol dependency.



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