Brain Fitness Hawaii has a dedicated and compassionate staff with the knowledge and expertise that not only meets but exceeds the special needs of military personnel.  Confidentiality is paramount to the Brain Fitness Hawaii staff and together they walk hand in hand with you during the Brainwave Optimization® Technology process to ensure a beneficial outcome for you.



Dr. Hana Yin (BCN 5331) is a Master-level Brain Trainer and a NTCB Board Certified Neurofeedback Therapist and Instructor.


In the past, she was also challenged by anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and learning difficulties, ADD and Ambien addiction. She was trying to quit Ambien numerous time, but failed due to drug withdrawl related panic attacks. She felt a sense of powerlessness and self doubt. Fortunately, she was introduced to brain fitness training and received a miraculous recovery in a very short period of time!


She was so impressed by the result and went on receiving formal neurofeedback trainings from field pioneers such as Lee Gerdes, survivor of brain cancer through brain training, Dr. Richard Soutar of New Mind Academy and Dr. Bill Scott, pioneer of Alpha Theta training for trauma and addiction.


She is also a NTCB board certified Anti-Aging Specialist. She focuses on natural remedies to regain your fountain of youth. Her BOSS system incorporates proper diet, supplments, meditation, medical Qi Gong and hypnotherapy.


Her caring nature renders her an excellent track record in taking care of ADD children and PTSD adults.


She works with athletes and avid golfers by applying Alpha Peak Performance training program to enhance their competitive edge.


If you are struggling with professional licensing test (SAT, GMAT, MCAT, State licensing exams), attention, focus and memory might be the areas of improvement, Brain Fitness Hawaii will have an answer for you.




Walter Peters is a NTCB board certified Neurofeedback Technician (CNT5488) and licensed Life Health Coach.


He first began considering personal growth as a career in 1985, after reading ‘The Handbook to Higher Consciousness’ by Ken Keyes Jr., and then meeting and studying with the author. In 1986, he went through the entire curriculum offered by Lifespring, Inc. and in 1990, went to work in their Chicago office, generating the highest percentage of immediate upgrades for new students in the history of the company.


After moving to Hawaii in 1991, Walter went to work for PSI Seminars, Inc. and ran the PSI V Division until the last PSI V Course was held in Hawaii in 1993. For the next five years he taught the Parenting Course, ‘Redirecting Children’s Behavior’ to over 400 Hawaii families.


Most recently, Walter completed the entire ‘Curriculum for Living’ offered by Landmark Education, Inc. in 2009, and has worked directly with some of the nation’s top life coaches, including Mark Victor Hansen and Matthew Ferry.


After 25 years of learning, training and teaching, and having coached literally thousands of people, Walter brings his entire experience to Brain Fitness Hawaii as a compliment to the profound breakthrough technology of Brainwave Optimization® Technology.






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