How many sessions will I need?

It is hard to tell. A few variables may play together as follows:

1) Most of our new clients go throug what we call an "Intensive" which is comprised of one assessment and ten 2 hour session. We like to schedule this over a five day period (M-F). The client would come in for two sesson each day.

2) We don't schedule sessions any further apart as we find clients get the best results when they have sessions intensively, because the longer we wait between sessions, the slower the dominant neural networks are formed, thus, less improvement we will see. If you choose REGULAR session (60 min) instead of INTENSIVE (120 Min), you will be required to take a lot more sessions and a lot longer to achieve your goals.

3) The amount of sleep clients have at night.

3) The amount of nutrition, supplements, alcohol and drugs intake may drastically alter the outcome.

4) The Severity of problems. For example, OCD, Severe Brain Injury or chronic insomnia might take more than first ten sessions.

Experience has taught us that a minimum of ten (10) intensive sessions is required to gain a lasting benefit with Brain Fitness Training. Some clients, however, will require up to fifty (50) sessions while most clients have their goals met in less than twenty.