Do I stop taking medications? Does Training interfere with Meds?

We are not a medical facility and we never advise anyone to stop taking any prescribed medication.

We often have success in the presence of various medications, however we can't say exactly how being on medication will affect a client's results. If a client choose to decrease dosage, that is a decision they need to come to with the consent of their physician. Prematurally stoping your meds without your physician's consent might cause negative consequence such as Panic Attack or Tic.

Does Brain Training interfere with Meds?

Yes. As your brain goes back to balance and harmony, the current dose you are on might be more than what you acturally need, thus the drug side effect will be more predominantly present.

It is A MUST that you keep several appointments with your physician discussing your appropriate amount of drug intake during AND after your brain training. Only per your request, we will be happy to discuss your brain training progress with your physician for the best interest of your health after you sign the confidentiality waiver form in our office.

Famous country singer Ms. Wynonna Judd was off 5 different prescription drugs while she was going through her intensive brain trainings. If your purpose of brain training is to get off prescription meds, we will almost guarantee you to have your physician monitor your drug reduction process to avoid any unexpected drug withdrawal symptoms.